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So what's in the box?

Except from spanners and bolts you might need in order to fix the robots and occasionally the intelligent species, you'll find reports, beautiful reports.

  • Search engine rankings for your tracked keywords and visibility scores structured in elegant, insightful dashboards.
  • Detailed and thorough keyword tracking across various search engines and verticals with benchmarking and historical data.
  • Essential data for your website and your competitors rankings for your primary account's keywords.
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How does Analyticsetc solve your problems

Improve your online visibility

One look through the report overview lets you quickly identify major successes, key trouble spots and the latest trends and changes in your search engine rankings and keyword positions.

Say goodbye to manual tasks

Improve your productivity and decision making by scheduling reports to run automatically and get the updated data and metrics when you want them. And the best of all is that we do it for you!

Identify and track competitors

See who your competitors are and how they perform. Analyticsetc. helps you identify your competition and track their search rankings alongside your own.

Monitor performance over time

Easily track search rankings over time and get greater insight of your ongoing SEO campaigns and keyword positions and performance across major search engines.

Discover missed opportunities

Is your site fully optimised? Identify missed opportunities that can improve your organic traffic significantly and monitor the progress of your best performing keywords.

Access anytime, anywhere

Track and monitor your organic traffic performance without the need for IT support. Access your reports easily without downloading, installing or updating any SEO software.

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“Analyticsetc is one of the best tools I’ve ever come across. It is one of the most useful ranking reports solution. It is elegant, insightful, and truly valuable for online marketers.”


, Marketing Director - emailmoz

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